Escape to your favorite magic vacation resorts anytime! This is the same scent used in at least four theme park on-property resorts and various other places around the World.

Accompanied by the crackling of a real wood wick, this is the ultimate fresh, comforting, spa-style scent. "Welcome Home!" as they say "in the bubble"!

Welcome Home! | Wood Wick, Soy | Theme Park Scent | Grand Flo, Contemp, Beach

  • Epic Adventure Candles were developed to accompany favorite Fantasy, SciFi, Horror, and Adventure games and books. Each scent is hand-blended and poured into themed tins and "potion jars" featuring fantasy-style maps and cork tops. Crackling wood wicks bring to mind the hearths and torches of fantasy worlds, completing the immersive experience. They're the perfect gift for bookworms, gamers & geeks! INGREDIENTS: Pure domestic (locally-sourced) soy wax, fragrance oils (Phthalate-free), essential oils, UFC-Certified, 100% natural wood wicks. Jars contain 50% recycled glass.