You requested it, you got it: a scent to accompany dock, harbor, marsh, and sea scenes! This crackling wood wick candle will transport your adventure party to a harbor of brackish water, where sea-salted waves scrub smooth the creaking, aged wood piers.

Notes in our proprietary blend of rare oils: sea salt and aquatics with a hint of Kelp, mud, and lumber.

It is on the realistic end of the spectrum with a lighter scent throw (works best in jars). It is NOT floral-based, as traditional "water" fragrances tend to be (it's NOT like Yankee Doodle, BBW, etc), but it's pleasant enough to have going even if you're not gaming...many customers purchase it simply because they like the more realistic sea scent.

DEEPWATER HARBOR RPG Candle | Wood Wick, Soy | Water, Sea, Dock RPG DnD Scent

  • Epic Adventure Candles were developed to accompany favorite Fantasy, SciFi, Horror, and Adventure games and books. Each scent is hand-blended and poured into themed tins and "potion jars" featuring fantasy-style maps and cork tops. Crackling wood wicks bring to mind the hearths and torches of fantasy worlds, completing the immersive experience. They're the perfect gift for bookworms, gamers & geeks! INGREDIENTS: Pure domestic (locally-sourced) soy wax, fragrance oils (Phthalate-free), essential oils, UFC-Certified, 100% natural wood wicks. Jars contain 50% recycled glass.